Saturday, February 21, 2015

Western Novels

Please pardon a bit of personal advertising.  Computers and blogs are not our only obsession in the Hepler household.

Don has been working on revisions of his nine western novels originally published and sold exclusively by Avalon Publishing.  He has consolidated them into a three-part western series with new covers and new marketing.  Publishing is much easier these days as readers can easily download books into their kindle, iPad, smartphone, or other device. 
Our son, Anton, is the artist in the family so he created the new covers.  As wife and Mom, it's exciting to watch the two of them collaborate on the project.  Many friends have downloaded the series of books and say they enjoy them. 
 I have a favor to ask.  If you have read the books, would you please go to Amazon's kindle library and leave a review of the book?  When purchasing a book, buyers like to read reviews.  Your input will be much appreciated.
Link to Books:  Amazon Books
Click on any of Don's books at to leave a review.  Please and thank you!
Starting Friday, February 20, book one of the Frontier Justice Trilogy "Indian Trouble" will be available for download on for FREE.  It will remain available for five days at no charge.  We know there are many fans of the western genre in the park so if anyone is interested, please leave a review on the Amazon site.  The remaining titles will be on sale soon.
The new cover is actually a photo of our son standing on a high butte overlooking one of the many vistas near Lake Powell in Utah where he lives and works.  Stop in at Bullfrog marina to say hello this summer.

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