Saturday, February 21, 2015

Musical Talents



I've been watching small ads appear on the Nextdoor program calling for musicians of all types.  I understand that small groups are forming and getting together to share their interests and talent.  How fun it would be to see them perform. 

We have harpists, flutists, ukulele players, etc.  I'm sure there are guitarists and other musicians who love to play as well.  We don't need a big fancy production.....just a fun friendly "jam session" under one of the canopies.  No formal presentation, no seating arrangements, no food needed.  Just get together for fun entertainment.  Hope to see some events like this come to fruition.

Calling all Harpists / Harpers 14h ago
Pennie Young from Palm Creek Golf Resort
I play the Celtic lever harp (beginner -low intermediate) and met another lovely lady here who plays, also. We got together today and had fun "noodling" on our harps, and learning from each other. We wondered if there were others here in the park who may also play ? We would love to hear from you and perhaps encourage you to bring your harps next year so we can form a harp circle ! Anyone interested??               
Lorrie Parris from Palm Creek Golf Resort 13h ago
I also play the harp and perform professionally around the area. would love to get together with you, please send details on where and when you meet. I have both my full size and a lap harp with me, I am at site 231 and only have my cell phone here, it is. 360 797-3595. Look forward to meeting you, Lorrie Parris

Native American Flute 15 Feb
Phil Perry from Palm Creek Golf Resort
Do you play Native American Flute or are you interested in learning to play? If so, I'd love to get together to play or discuss how we might pursue it and where it might go. I have been a professional musician and teacher of sax, flute and clarinet for 50 years. I've been playing and studying the NAF for a few years and can help those who are interested in learning to play, improve their technique or get fresh ideas for creating their own music, etc. We can form a flute circle or do group or private lessons, or whatever you are interested in. I realize it may be late in the season, but we can give you something to work on through the summer and look forward to when you return next year.
Mary Hansen from Palm Creek Golf Resort
I'm looking for a flute player/s who might like to have informal sessions playing duets. I also am an intermediate harp student and have some harp/flute music to add to the mix. Let me know if you'd like to give it a try. I used to play a, orchestra, ensembles, etc, but recently mostly for church or monthly recital group. I'd love to have some fun playing again. Very low stress environment...that's my comfort zone! I'm at site 252...

Mary Hansen
Judy Tawney from Palm Creek Golf Resort
We are posting this notice on behalf of Phil Perry.
The first meeting of the circle will be Friday Feb. 20 at 3:00 PM in the Cholla Room. Bring your flutes and we'll go from there.

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