Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Club Activities

Donna Christiansen, President of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club, stopped in to officially thank the tennis club for the loan of four of the tennis courts during the national tournament this past month.  Play was restricted to our local residents to use while the main courts were tied up due to tournament activities.

Donna Christiansen, Glenn Carter, Lynn Reiter
 Our local pickleball club has over 900 paid members and the tennis club has 150 members.  Both organizations provide plenty of athletic opportunity but also offer social interaction and events.

Shuffleboard is underway again and they're looking for players.  Go on over to the courts for lessons or information.

Horseshoes is thriving too.  All the courts (pits) were busy this morning.

I used to pitch too but always made my partner stand way back away from the pit as the shoe didn't necessarily land in the sand.  Very enjoyable sport!