Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pickleball Nationals

It certainly makes a person proud to live in a community like Palm Creek.  We have so many clubs and activities that draw guests and residents to reside here.  Pickleball is, indeed, one of the largest draws especially after hosting the National tournaments again this week.  I'm told there were over 950+ participants registered for the event and over 2200 individual matches scheduled.  Entrants came from 37 states and 3 provinces.

There are some very familiar faces behind the scenes that make an event like this so successful.  I found Tom and Jeanne Gearhart at the announcers station again this year.

Volunteers come and go at registration desks, scheduling events, etc.

Rosemary Reese is another truly devoted member.

Nice looking medals for the winners.

Tom Gottfried and Gary Jackson spent many hours behind the lens of the cameras taking action shots and photos of the smiling winners.  It's not just taking a quick photo.....but also the additional hours of editing and reviewing each picture.

Palm Creek does a fantastic job of watching over the players in case of injury.  Marg Ouimet and her staff spend many hours patrolling the courts and being available for the inevitable injuries during intense tournament play and practice.

We should count Marg among the injured as she nurses a nasty bee sting on her face.  

The local EMT professionals made several visits to the park.

Casa Grande is lucky to have such good medical support.

Read the great article published in the Casa Grande Dispatch: