Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bingo note & a Chorus Website

First, a personal note to all Monday night bingo players:  Many of you know my favorite number G55 as I always make a fuss over it when I am the caller.  For several years now, I've joked and said that if anyone bingos on my lucky G55, they win the honor of taking me to dinner.  It's amazing how many times G55 really is a winner.  The last time I was the caller, FOUR people bingoed on that number!  Congratulations!

The "take the caller to dinner" was just a joke, but last night Jackie Olfert brought me a giant candy bar as payback for winning on that number.  How fun!  Also pictured here is Gerry Daniel who bingoed on G55 a year ago.  Since she is a close friend, she took me up on the offer and we enjoyed lunch on her ticket.  Just goes to prove that "Creekers" are fun loving friendly people and full of surprises.


Royal Stokes was present to announce ticket sales for the upcoming Christmas concert to be held on December 8.  He also mentioned that tickets were available through the Chorus website.  I didn't know they had a website so hurried home to look it up.  I published a link to their site on the Palm Creek Clubs page now to give them more visibility.

Many of the clubs and groups here publish blogs or websites to inform their members and prospective members about their activities.  Take a moment to check them out.