Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Internet Speed, Lawn Bowling, Puppies, Restrooms

Yahoo!!!  We're loving the new high speed internet here in the resort!  Because Don and I are pretty heavy computer users, we signed up for the BIG package of 75 mbps and are very happy.  This high speed requires a new modem from Dish plus you need a high quality high speed router to handle the connection.  I just did a speed test on my computer and we're happy!  

This will definitely increase the speed of uploading my photos to the cloud.  The old system was 1.4 upload but now it's 14.47.  I'm smiling!!  

We should ALL be happy with this new fiber optic upgrade as your connection strength goes UP and your cost goes DOWN.  On the regular basic plan, you should now be getting 20+ mbps where previously you were lucky to get 14-15.  Plus your cost goes from $34.99 to $29.99.  Time to celebrate!


Time to sign up for Lawn Bowling!  I believe Don and a few of his buddies are going to sign up for lawn bowling this season.  I stopped by the clubhouse to check on some information.


Spotted these cute puppies over by the tennis pavilion this week so stopped in to get some information.  The Humane Society will bring some puppies (and kittens??) to visit us each week to try to find good homes for these little critters.


It may not be exciting to see news about a restroom but you get some photos anyway.  I stopped in at the new restrooms by the pickleball courts just out of curiosity to see what they were like inside.  I was impressed!!

Three beautiful CLEAN sinks.

Three individual toilets.

...and three VERY nice private shower rooms.

I would think this was impressive to our many pickleball guests as well.