Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Events


I knew the Palm Creek hiking club was very active with their weekly Friday hikes but I recently discovered that they have also started a Wednesday event that may be of great interest to many folks who want just a short hike to see our local mountains.  If you're not a true athletic hiker, you may really enjoy this leisurely outing. 

There is a printed schedule located in the magazine turnstile in the front office area.  Pick up a copy or print out this one and mark your calendar.

February 6
Palm Creek focuses a lot of attention to cancer awareness as the dreaded disease has affected loved ones from every walk of life.  We have a very dedicated group of residents who devote time to reaching out to help those in need through the local Casa Grande Cancer Support Center located near the corner of Henness and Florence.  Their group is called "Loving Hands Loving Meals".
Watch for their booth at each of our monthly craft fairs where they will be selling craft items and baked goods to raise money for their cause.  The night of February 6, this group will be working to serve cookies and hot chocolate to all the attendees at the awareness event.  Donations would be appreciated to offset the expense of the goodies they will be baking for us.

We'll try to get a better schedule so you can tell exactly when our Palm Creek teams will be playing.  Watch for update or go to the ball park and check the board.

P.S.  One of our softball players -- Randy White -- has another skill to share with us!  He sings and plays guitar!  We certainly enjoyed his entertainment at the patio luncheon on Wednesday.  Thank you, Randy!

So much to do and so little time.  Welcome to Palm Creek!!



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