Friday, January 16, 2015

More Updates's more "stuff" for you folks to do in your spare time!

Where were you people today?  I didn't see many of you on the pool patio for Friday ice cream!  Every Friday from 12:30 - 1:30 is Friday Sundaes.  Come join us.  DELICIOUS!
Thank you to Marilyn and staff for serving up the goodies. 
This is a big tournament weekend.  The team names in RED are the Palm Creek teams so you can tell when our team plays.  Be there.  Come cheer.  Have a burger.  Come meet new friends! 
The crew at the grill is ready to serve you.
New team clothing and hats for sale. 
Don says "There's gotta be a pill for this."
It's Bill Sheely at the mic in the announcer's booth.  I hear he was only one number away from the big bingo jackpot Monday night and all he needed was G55 and he would have won.  To all Bingo players:  "I almost won a free meal".  (Only our loyal bingo players will understand that.  :)
The next three pictures were taken by Barb Poole.  Great action photos so am adding them here:  (thanks, Barb!)

The pickleball courts were FULL.  Every court gets used daily.  Someone should send a note to Sun Communities and let them know we're ready for more courts.   
Our lawn bowlers were in full tournament uniforms today.  Makes for a nice scene.   
So much fun!!!



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