Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inge's Fashion Show

Inge from Inge's Fashions made this the BEST fashion show we've had.  Inge is fun, entertaining, and very knowledgeable about the retail clothing industry.  We were delighted to have her there and the clothing line she represents.  Most items were "Made in the USA" which drew another round of applause from the audience.
If you haven't shopped at Inge's store yet, hurry on down and check it out.  She carries a large selection of sizes and great quality brands.  Her store is located in Old Town directly across from the Big House CafĂ©.  Shop at the store and then have lunch with friends.  Makes for a fun day.
Angela Durrell is our Social Media person for Palm Creek.  She is rapidly becoming a familiar face as she roams through the resort looking for news items to post on the Palm Creek Facebook page. 
Today's Fashion Show was a riot of beauty and color as some truly lovely ladies modeled some stunning selections from Inge's in Casa Grande. The audience was kept in stitches as Inge delivered commentary and hilarity in equal measure -- we should book her for her own show sometime. It was a really fun afternoon, and everyone had a great time. Plus, great clothes!! -- Angela

Photo by Angela Durrell on Facebook



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