Monday, January 12, 2015

To Dish Internet Users

Here is a message from Gary Lambert (Operations Manager) regarding Dish internet service.

Palm Creek Internet users, 

Dish is working hard to make sure that all residents using their internet service receive good, reliable service. To that end, we have 4x the amount of bandwidth available now than we had at this same time last year, and have an order in with the ISP for more. Dish engineers and I are having weekly conference calls to monitor the status of the service and look for trouble areas. As you probably already know, the peak usage is between 7pm and 11pm. I run tests from home randomly during that time period, and get reasonable service (Between 5 and 8 meg down). During the non-peak times most tests, both from myself and Dish, run considerably faster than that. (12 to 14 meg down). Of course, this means nothing if you individually are not getting good service. In order to get down to individual cases, we need more information. For those individuals we have identified, Dish is finding bad splitters in your home, bad connections outside the home, and in a very few cases, bad routers owned by the user. 

In order for Dish to get down to the individual cases, we need better information. Therefore, I ask that if you are receiving poor connectivity, please contact me directly at Please answer the following questions as best as you can.

Site number:

Time of day trouble occurred:    (XX:XX am/pm, only in the mornings, only in the evenings, etc…  If it is random, please state so.)

What is the specific problem:   (Does not work is too vague. It is intermittent… Is it slow… is it not connecting… Be as specific as possible. This helps Dish understand what to look for.)

A good phone number for them to call you to either ask more questions or schedule a visit to look at your service. 

This will greatly assist us in taking care of those who are still experiencing problems. Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated!!


Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort a Sun Community
1110 N Henness Road | Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Phone: (520) 421-7000  |  Fax:  (520) 876-8962

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