Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Drone

Normally the Heplers take the weekend off and love to sleep in past the 5:15 daily alarm.  Don was eager to get "Maverick" out for some exercise though.  Here's a great video of the ballroom.....including inside!  Maverick doesn't need safety shoes or a hard hat.  

Next visit was out to the north 40 for a quick view.  Still not much to see because all the work is underground.

To those readers with iPads or Macs who can't view these videos from the can always go straight to my You Tube page and view them from there.


"Mouse Tail" news

It is a relatively cool 80 degrees this morning so I opened the window for Mouse to get a better view of the hummingbirds at the feeder.  At least that keeps him off my keyboard for a while.

Have a great day folks!!

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  1. Sue and Don, We are always impressed with the quality of your videos. Your stills too. You capture the essence of Palm Creek as well as what it will be.
    From Bev and Tom


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