Monday, August 14, 2017


Wow!  We definitely had a good strong old-fashioned thunderstorm Saturday night.  Our weather gauge up on the roof says 1.2 inches and someone on Nextdoor said they had 2 inches.  No damage was reported in the park but there were some downed trees elsewhere in Casa Grande.  

Golf courses in the area are definitely closed due to standing water....including ours.  It will take a few days to dry out.

The rain may delay installation of the sewing room as it is currently a new wading pool.

There are some nice sized puddles out at the north 40 but the muddy earth just makes for easier digging so their work continues without a problem.

Our new concrete had time to cure so the rain did not affect it either.  Today we saw them installing steel pillars for the drop off area in front of the ballroom.

We're definitely sneaking up on autumn.  I can tell because the daddy-long-leg and harvestman spiders are becoming very plentiful.  It's time to carry a duster with us when we make our morning rounds so we can kill and chase away the critters from the doors before entering.

Mouse has been patiently waiting for me to finish up at the computer.

He just came in carrying his favorite toy so I guess play time has begun.
Have a GREAT day!


I couldn't resist this photo.  Instant smiles!!

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