Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse, Ballroom, Quail

Congratulations!  We all survived the eclipse yesterday.  Betty Preston sent a great photo.

5 miles west of Chillicothe Missouri, August 21, 2017
Paul and Betty Preston-Steel

From Betty:  One of the most awesome things was the change in color around us. We were near a soybean field which just took on a beautiful orange-blue hue. Totality here was about 1 min 30 seconds, and we anticipated it would be darker than it was—certainly could still see each other—not pitch black, but we could see Venus bright and clear. Perhaps when there is a 3 or 4 minute totality, more stars appear and/or when there are absolutely no clouds in the sky, more stars may be visible. The other really neat thing was to listen to the birds in the trees at the field edge—how they began singing after the totality. Reading that it will happen and experiencing it are two very different things!

The ballroom is really going up fast now!!  The crew has huge nail hammers that truly speed up the process.  

I see the other steel beam has arrived.

I mentioned before that fall is spider time.  Found a dandy this morning with a huge round egg sack.  Ewww......!!  It appears to be a black widow but I wasn't willing to get that close to look for the red markings.

We had a slight delay on rounds this morning when we had to wait for the quail tribe to clear the road.  They're soooo CUTE!!  Their little legs appear like a blur as they race back and forth.

Speaking of cute................

Mouse has learned to crawl up into the space under our TV cabinet.  It's very distracting when he lays there and watches us as we try to concentrate on the television.

We took Mouse to the vet yesterday for his check up.  $151.24 later, we found out he weighs 5 pounds and he's healthy.  Hmmm.....

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