Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Drying Out

We're slowly drying out from Saturday's rain downpour.  This morning we awoke to a wonderfully cool 75 degrees.  It was Great!  It's 8:30 am now and we're back up into the 90s but it was nice while it lasted.  

Work continues at the ballroom.

We'll send the drone up over the north 40 this weekend but right now it just looks the same with back hoes and mounds of dirt.  They're working hard every day but it all looks the same in a picture.

Our landscape crews are busy too.  We see them blowing  pine needles and other debris from between the houses on the golf course.  That's really nice of them to do that.  

We spotted a little more storm damage over by the tennis courts.  Looks like they're in need of a new awning over their pavilion area.

My computer mouse is much more patient and helpful than our "other" mouse!  

He climbs up here on the desk every morning to keep me company while I send out emails and work on photos.  It's very distracting!!

We're still working on some discipline and training.  Mouse is not allowed on the kitchen table but he certainly likes to keep an eye on what we're doing.

I'll label this photo:  "Whatcha doing up here??"

This is like the teenager "pushing the limit".  I can hear him thinking:  "How much can I get away with before she hollers at me?  I'm not actually sitting on the table."


  1. I'm wondering who is training who? I'm loving the Mouse "tails"!

  2. That comment was mine.


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