Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ballroom Information

Here are some photos of that HUGE steel beam that has been installed above the ceiling in the ballroom.

With this man standing next to it, you can really see how BIG the beam is!

The Ballroom will have two sliding partition walls a lot like the sliding walls that are in Santan and Sonora. The dividing walls are extremely heavy and require the steel beams to carry the weight.   When completed, we will have the ability to separate the Ballroom into three individual spaces if necessary.  One of the sliding walls is in the old section of the Ballroom.  The attached photos are showing the beam going into the old section  of the Ballroom.  As they start framing the new section of the Ballroom, you will see the second beam go up for the sliding wall in the new section.

Above 6 photos from Jim Dawson.

Today Mouse is NOT patient for playtime.  Guess I have to sign off for the day.  LOL

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