Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bistro footings

The weather reporters and/or newscasters obviously scour the internet when they're looking for research on news items.  I received this message from someone who visited our video of a recent dust storm in Casa Grande.

The same thing happened back in 2013 when a crew from Channel 3 actually came down for a personal interview.

They're digging the holes and getting the rebar ready for footings at the new Bistro area.

Just more piles of dirt and big holes at the north 40.  

There's lots of underground work being done all over for footings and pipes but it doesn't make for very interesting photos.  I keep posting though so stay tuned.

Look at the sky in the above picture.  This is so typical of monsoon season.  Storms are very localized and unpredictable.

It's always fun to watch the quail.  I hope Dean and Laurel see this photo taken on their patio this morning.

Thank you to Cher and Paul Ragains for a special present for Mouse.  He likes it!


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