Saturday, July 29, 2017

Weekend Report

Friday night's haboob missed us and just passed by to the west of us.  It was on the news tonight so Phoenix got hit pretty hard with some more rain too.  All remained peaceful and calm here though.
Photo from Avis Gray

Photo from Avis Gray

Earlier in the day, Don and I went exploring to see the latest construction updates.  Stacks and stacks of sewer pipe are stacked up and ready for installation.

We took the drone up for a look from above because all we see from ground level is piles of dirt.

Work continues at the ballroom.  Now they're digging trenches to bury the underground pipes for sewer, water, and electrical.

It's always interesting to watch from above.

We met Brad Klingaman from MTV General Contractors who is now heading up our construction site.  Brad said he'd be glad to keep us in the loop as work progresses.

Brad says Wednesday, our pottery, glass shop, and card room will be without electricity because they'll be replacing a big electric transformer.  

Brad Klingamon

On a quieter note, I made Don stop so I could photograph some pretty cactus flowers.  (Can you hear him groan??)

Hi to Pam if she is watching the blog!!  We miss you at the Mahjong tables.

These purple sage bushes were just planted a few months ago.  They're certainly showing off their pretty colors!

And......on an even quieter note.....Mouse seems to have had a dandy cat nap.

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