Friday, July 14, 2017

Sewer lines

Some of the green sewer pipe has already been installed and covered over.  Fast work!  Looks like the crews are on summer schedule of working 10 hours four days per week.  Today is Friday and no one in sight.  That's good!  Gives them an extra day to recover from being out there in the heat.

Don sent the drone up for an overhead view.

BIG NEWS from our home.  We took Mouse in for the second shot in the kitten series.  
As we suspected, it is now confirmed that the female kitten we requested is a male.  So now we have to train ourselves to refer to HIM instead of her.  Crystal offered to take HIM back since it wasn't what we requested..............but it is far too late for that.  How could we ever part with 3 whole pounds of cuteness like this????

Sorry for the slightly blurred photo, but it is very difficult to get HIM to sit still for a picture.  
HE is growing fast!  It means HE takes an even bigger place in our hearts.  LOL


Notice from Palm Creek Facebook page

Thank you Sun Communities for another investment as the mailroom has been waiting a long time for renovation.  They process huge volumes of mail for our residents.

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