Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Just another day

Hi Everybody.....Not much new to report today.  We're almost dried out after the rain a couple days ago.  Unfortunately, that rain has raised our humidity level to around 60% and we are NOT used to that!  No rain in the immediate forecast.

Drone footage continues to be very popular.  I forward all your compliments to Don to keep him motivated.

We'll have to try and get a picture of all the green sewer pipes that are popping up in the north 40 area as they represent completed streets of potential new home sites.

Yup.  There's Max and Cheryl out again this morning.  Good for them!

Traffic hazard slowed us down as we waited for this young family to cross the street.

We counted 16 ducks by the pond this morning.  I guess that hawk didn't thin the herd too much.

Mouse loves his new bed by the front window where he can watch the hummingbirds come to the feeder.  

Don and I went to the movies to see Dunkirk yesterday.  It was more of a documentary than just a movie.  If you know the history behind the Dunkirk battle, you'll find this film to be incredible.  


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