Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back 40 update -- digging started


Those big tonka shovels are in full action this morning!  We were shocked when you drove down the street and saw these huge dirt piles!!  Yesterday, the ground was entirely flat.

The different depths and layers will be for sewer, water, electric, cable, etc.  

Deep Deep Deep trench.  I'm glad that man was standing down there so you can judge how deep it is.  

You Tube link:  Trench digging

Tickets to summer events

I spoke with MaryAnn Brown this morning and she would like to remind everyone to buy your tickets for the upcoming summer events. So far there are only 6 tickets sold for the pizza party (scheduled for July 27) so she may have to cancel it as there is a minimum requirement to get the vendor to come. Coffee and donuts for Monday, July 17 has already been canceled due to low ticket distribution. Again, it doesn't pay for the vendor (Amazing Dental) to travel here for such a small attendance. Hopefully things will be better next summer when we have a kitchen again.


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