Sunday, July 09, 2017

Wildlife and Glass Shop News

Don and I were riding past the creek and saw a huge Harris hawk attack a small duck.  He hauled it up on shore and held it until...........(I need not say more).

On a happier note..................we found this tiny lizard in our house!  Maybe he came to visit Mouse??  We gently caught him and put him outside in the flower bed unharmed.  

Mouse chases mouse.  Don says its really hard to concentrate when Mouse comes to visit.  She chases the mouse pointer around the screen.

I stopped in to visit the Glass Shop and see the latest projects.

The introduction to Fusion Class will start July 11 for a total of three sessions.  Tuesday 1-3, Wednesday 1-4, and Saturday 9-12.

Gym Flader has been working on a cow skull.

He's pausing to consider what comes next and how to finish it off.

Sandy Milner has decorated several instruments already.

Sandy Milner
 Now Sandy is working on a frame.

Sharon Kidd

Sharon's granddaughter is working on a gift for a friend while she's here on a visit.


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