Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mail Room plus more

No more squeezing through the door to get into the mailroom.  The new renovation will open a counter right into the hallway making it very convenient for us residents and will give the employees a lot more room for all that mail and packages we receive.

Right now, the gang is in temporary quarters using the Activities office.  

Helen, Gym, and Donna

Cement trucks come and go as they pour the footings for the ballroom.

Several of the deep trenches are already complete and covered up.  Here's some drone video to see the progress.

Meanwhile......Mouse curls up for an afternoon nap.  He had a rough day at the Animal Hospital yesterday.  Poor guy.  All services and vaccinations are paid for through the adoption fee from the Humane Society.  


  1. Love seeing improvements to the mail room...they keep us all conected to family and friends and deserve a great space!!! I just hope they keep the red licorice on the counter!!

  2. I just wonder how congested the hall will become during the busy season, time will tell.

  3. Just want to say that your "Mouse" is so cute!


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