Thursday, August 03, 2017

Just a baby storm here

Just watched the 10:00 pm news from Phoenix and thought I'd better write to let everyone know that the storm did not hit us like it did the upper valley.  We had some wind and a little rain but nothing serious.  Phoenix was hit hard and is still without power.  

Radar looked serious but the storm sort of broke up and and blew past us.

We went to the Big House for breakfast this morning and met this HUGE green beetle flying around.  He was about the size of a man's thumb!  I have no idea what his name is .... just big bug.

He was quite colorful under that green shell but its hard to see in the photos.

The new electric transformer has now been installed so the buildings are back in power again.

We'll get some good drone footage tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like construction is moving right along, any idea of what their target date is for completion for all these projects?
    Thanks for the great photos and videos, it’s nice to see what is going on when we’re not there.
    Jim St. Onge


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