Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kitchen Info & Ballroom Walls

We had some questions about this photo:  What is it??

It is called a ‘grease trap interceptor’.  All commercial kitchens have one.  It separates and collects the grease that goes down the kitchen drains.  We have the grease pumped out by a commercial company 3 times per year.  The old grease trap was no longer adequate for the size of our new kitchen.  It was dug up and disposed of.


Donna Cox gave me a tour of the construction in the mail room.  She and her crew are excited about finally having enough room to handle the huge volume of mail and packages they receive on a daily basis.

Last night's TV news cast was about the proposed Amusement Park to be built outside of  Casa Grande to the tune of four BILLION dollars.  The city council approved the zoning change to 1500 acres to accommodate the facility.  Expected completion date is 7 years.

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