Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ballroom & Sewing Room

When we saw the ballroom this morning, I thought we had missed the concrete pour but since then we learned that this is a plastic barrier that stops moisture from coming up through the subgrade and possibly getting into the wood flooring.  The big concrete pour starts at 2:00 a.m. Friday.  I think I'll take a big nap this afternoon!

Say hello to that BIG new kitchen area.

Here's some BIG news for the hundreds of sewing and quilting residents!  They're starting the hole for the sewing room.

Will keep an eye on the progress.

We had Just Plumbing stop in yesterday to replace the filters in our reverse osmosis system, replace the filter in our salt free water softener and flush our two-year-old water heaters.  This white stuff in the street is what was in the water heaters.  Yuck!  Hard to believe we get that much junk in just two years.  How long has it been since you had your water heaters flushed?

By the way..............Just Plumbing is one of the loyal Palm Creek sponsors and we highly recommend their service.  If you decide to use their service, please mention our name because I understand there is a referral program.  I'll take all the credit I can from the work on this blog.  LOL


Some days Mouse is not patient and wants to play immediately.


Here's a couple cute cartoons you may want to send to a friend in the hospital or who has been to the doctor's office.  

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  1. Sue, you should see what comes out of our MH water heater after only 1 year.


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