Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Still Busy

We had a minor haboob storm last night with plenty of blowing dust and even a little (very little) rain.  Just enough to make muddy dots all over the cars and golf carts.  It makes for interesting colors in the sky.

Big crew working at the pro shop this morning.

More dirt and machinery pictures from the north 40.

Our morning have been quite pleasant in the low 80s ..... at least until the sun comes up.  We've been seeing more people out for a walk or a bike ride in the early morn.  Forecast for the week is all triple digits again.  

The sewing room is now put back together in its new location.

 It will have a nice entrance from the Street of Dreams and also from the big parking lot.


"Mouse Tail"

Last night Don and I were busy watching a movie.  I think Mouse was bored and just waiting for us to start some action.


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