Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Monday

 Another beautiful Monday morning in our bit of desert paradise.  We started this morning with the donuts and coffee on the Bistro.

.............and sang Happy Birthday to our Golf Pro, Mark Kenner.

While we enjoyed our donuts, the water aerobics group was active at the pool.

This friendly group of gals go for a nice long hike around the park in the mornings.  They call themselves the "Walkie Talkies" as they do quite a bit of both.  

Beware the orange cones on Sandy Desert Drive!  There is a huge bee hive hidden at the bottom of that bush.  I'm afraid an ill fate will soon come to these critters as they'll be removed shortly.

That big black mass at the bottom branch is all bees and hive.

I attended the Photo Club annual awards this morning.  Just love to see the beautiful photographs these folks produce during the year.  They had a nice turn out too.  Club leader is Bill Leeson.

I only took one photo as I thought I could just copy some from the club's website but later found out the site is blocked for club members only.  Too bad all their beautiful work is locked away.  Hopefully, they'll reconsider and open the site for all of us to enjoy so they can show off their talents.

Last Monday we had a huge winner at bingo.  Congratulations to Jim Koch as he walked away with over $900 in prize money.