Friday, March 18, 2016

Club Leaders Meeting

Lisa Harold, our General Manager, met with all the club leaders this morning for a status update.  We have over 100 clubs/activities here in the resort.

Lisa Harold, Kristen Zanocco, MaryAnn Brown, Marion Nelson, Gary Lambert

Meet our new Social Media Coordinator, Kristen Zanocco.  (sorry for blurry photo)

If your club has a story to share on the resort's social media, you can send it to Kristen at this email address:

Other announcements:  The position of Club Liaison ends April 15 as that is the official end of the season.  Summer hours will be 7:00am to 2:00pm if you need to contact someone in charge.  

The Adobe room will remain open and accessible 7 days a week.

Thermostats will be set at 76 degrees.  Those thermostats currently on outside walls will be moved this summer to make temperatures more controllable.

Don't forget the end of season Luau this Saturday starting at 4:00.