Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Look what Eddie found this morning!  He rescued this guy up by the north satellite building and will release him out into the wild where he belongs.  This is a Sonoran Desert Toad.  He looks harmless, but don't let your dog lick him or they'll be sorry.
I copied some info from the internet for you.
Maintenance work never ends.  Can you guess which half of this wall hasn't been cleaned yet?  


Good Grief!  Diane is wearing a jacket!  I had to stop and give her the business but she claims she's wearing it because it was raining when she started out this morning.  Okay.  I'll buy that.  It is in the 70s this morning though and we're definitely not used to such cool temperatures.

We've had quite a bit of rain lately.  The Cottonwood crew gets to play in the mud.

Notice that our landscape crew has all the trees planted out in the median already.

Back at the construction area, they're trying to level out and mark the roads so they can start preparations for the curbs.

And, of course, work continues over at the courts.

Here's Jim Dawson conferring with Herman and Paul about post installation.  These gents are with the fencing company and are digging holes for light poles and fencing.

It's time we start saying "rain, rain, go away" as the mud and wet conditions are starting to back up the timeline.  These big yellow tubes are prep for where the bulletin boards will go between courts.

According to the weatherman, this is what a "normal" monsoon season is supposed to be but we haven't seen one like this in quite a few years as we've been in such nasty drought conditions.  The rain is good for our desert but tough on construction timelines.

In fact, the unexpected downpour of rain we had last week caused quite a problem with that last quadrant of sunken courts.  The heavy rains we had were not predicted but came anyway dropping too much water on the fresh concrete.  Thus the cement company has to grind down and smooth off 1/4 inch off the top surface on that quadrant.  Then they'll apply a slurry to bring it back up to the proper height before doing the top coats.  Not for us to worry about as the experts will fix the problem.

Quite a soupy mess out there.

And it looks like more rain is headed our way.
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