Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Good Morning, Readers.  It was another beautiful morning for coffee on the patio.  It is such a welcomed relief from the high intense temps.

Work progresses out on Cottonwood as they build the water trench.

Trimming of the palm trees continues.  There are the hard to reach places left yet out on the golf course. 

The new curbs are now done.  Please don't run over them with your big rigs when you return.

This little cactus at 1059 just had to pop out to enjoy the sunshine.

Work continues at the pickleball courts.  They're leveling the walk way between courts and getting it ready for paving.  Notice the GPS equipment on this grader.

Many of the fence posts have been installed.  Those big yellow forms are where one of the big bulletin boards will be mounted.
Rebar is in place to finish the back wall.

Most of the trench digging for the new house sites is completed so we haven't taken many photos of that area.  It stays looking the same without all the big equipment in there so my post is rather small today.

And I leave you with this joyous thought:

And I just received this in my morning email:

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