Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It was a wonderful 68 degrees as we enjoyed our morning coffee on the patio today.  It doesn't get much better than this.  October and April are definitely our favorite months of the year when living here.

Our morning tour started on Coyote Lane when I spied this beautiful cactus flower and made Don turn the cart around for a photo.  How can a cactus that is so thorny and tough create such a beautiful display!

 Contractors are busy installing houses in a number of locations throughout the park.  Our sales department must have been busy.

Same story here.  Work progresses out on Cottonwood.  Now they're pouring the sidewalk.

Reseeding preparations continue on the golf course.  Each sandtrap has to be covered to keep the grass seed from entering where it is definitely not wanted.

Just a view down the course.

And a close up of the love doves sitting on the railing.

Bill and Leslie Murr (Site 28) are back now so we stepped up at Site 27  for a view of the field.  I think these folks will have an excellent view of both the pickleball and the ballfield.  Of course this may change once all the bushes get planted and have a chance to grow but it will be a fun season this year for sure.

Lots of trucks and equipment out there today but it's a little too far away to see exactly what they're doing.  I'm hoping to get another tour later today.

Continuing work on the walkways between courts.

It looks like they're starting to spread the compost soil out on the ballfield.  Will get you an update later.
Pickle people were quite plentiful this morning as eight courts were in full use. 

Avis and her partner stopped for a pose.  That's Edie in the background saying "hurry up".

Mark Nelson is back to least until its time to take off for the Huntsman games and St. George.

Kent and Leslie Evans have a beautiful site by the lake on hole #13.  Luckily, they are "birders" so have binoculars, cameras, and a bird ID book handy at all times.  Here they spotted this female Osprey as she circled the lake twice.  They said she dove down twice for fish but came up empty handed each time.  

Today they also spotted this American Avocet strutting around the lake.  Thank you for sharing these special photo ops!!

Okay....that's all I have for this morning.  You have a GREAT day.

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