Monday, September 10, 2012


Good Morning and a happy Monday to you!  What a beautiful morning it is too.  We did our rounds at a cool 80 degrees with a little fresh breeze.  What an awesome relief from the heat!  Yahoo!!

Today starts the patching and sealing of the streets.  This first picture is of them blowing away the dust and dirt while the second photo shows them prepping the tar? to seal the cracks.  Will get better pictures as work progresses.

The softball field appears to be all leveled and ready to go.  Once the water system is ready, we'll really see some action out there.

Work continues over at the pickleball courts.  Now that all the cement is poured, different projects begin.  You can see them applying the post tension at the wall.  Others are still smoothing down the concrete and getting ready for post installation.

Paul and Herman are in charge of digging the holes for posts.

 Don and I have made friends with many of the crew by now.  Say hi to Herman.

and Paul 

Here's a link to Don's video for today!

I remember the years that I dreaded a Monday and the start of another work week.  Now I look forward to each week of FUN!

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