Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Whoa......we came upon a traffic jam this morning on Sandy Desert over by the west wall.  We're not used to seeing so many people out and about in the mornings.  Folks are starting to come back already. 

 It was fun to have a neighborly chat and learn that MaryAnn has been a good girl cleaning up after her dog. 

The big excitement was watching our landscape crew move a palm tree five feet to allow for installing a new home at site 1129.

We'll have to be careful to avoid the fresh tar and black goo while the patching gets done on the roads.  Here's how they seal the cracks in the road.

First they have to blow away the dust.
And sweep the streets clean.
I think Don took some close up video but he has to rush off to the pool hall and won't get time till tonight to download and edit.  There are definitely priorities with our time ya know. 

It was interesting to see how they used a shield to prevent the black spray from hitting the curb along the edges.

Work resumes out on Cottonwood.

This area still looks like a field of dirt with pipes sticking up all over but its actually the beginning of a road.

The black poles are now cemented down and ready for the next stage of installing fencing around the courts.

And work continues at building the brick wall.

Now its time for me to hurry off to the shower and then up to play cards.  Rush Rush Rush.  Life is so busy.  

I copied this from the Palm Creek Facebook page.  

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