Thursday, September 20, 2012


Another beautiful morning in the 70s.  Awesome.  It is 9:15 as I write this and already 81 so the temp climbs up fast once Mr. Sun gets moving.  We were back in triple digits yesterday afternoon.

We stopped to get our mail this morning and I couldn't help but notice how nice everything looks with its fresh coat of paint on all the walls and buildings plus the new striping on the roads.  We live in a lovely resort.  Join me as we make our morning rounds.


Work continues on the water ditch along Cottonwood.

I haven't had an opportunity to talk with Jim Dawson for the last couple days but it appears they're leveling where the new streets will run.  

I think those surveyor stakes tell the graders how high the curbs will be.

I spied these pretty orange flowers as we passed by Site 13 so stopped for a quick picture.  No one home there yet so we peeked in the back yard for a couple photos.

Here's the view from Site 13.

You can't really tell from these photos, but the makings of level roads is starting to show.

Ranger Bob has been helping to park some rigs out to the north 40 for storage.

They're leveling the light poles and cementing them in place.  Those are the quadrants that will be lighted this year.  Underground wiring will all be in place for the rest of the courts but this year just this much will be lighted until usage requires more.

This gent is working on the sump pump drainage.

Say good morning to our avid golfers out enjoying the cool morning. 

Whoa....just received a call from Mr. Dawson saying we'd better get up to the big pool to see the pouring before it was all done.  Don has some video that we'll post later.  We were amazed to see how fast this was done this morning.  They started at 5 a.m and by 10:00 they've gotten this far already.

The man at center is spraying in the concrete.

Once its all smooth, they'll wash off those tile lap lanes so they show up nice and pretty.

Specialized shoes for walking in the fresh plaster.

The plaster sets pretty fast so then they wear big sponges so as not to make marks.

We met Jim and he will pick us up for a tour later this afternoon.  

The whole crew was very grateful for a cool morning to do this back breaking work!

This seems to be the man in charge.  He said once they get the finishing touches cleaned up, they'll start adding water.  It will take a couple days to refill the pool. Once the fill starts, they can't stop or it will leave a water line in the fresh plaster.  Once the water level reaches the blue tile around the edges, they'll turn on the filters and clean the grit and dust.  

Then they can start adding the chemicals.

We stopped in the Activities Office to get a bag of ice since we were up that way.  Ann, Larry and Sherin Kidd are setting up the new desk for ticket sales.

Angela is helping with everything else.

I popped in the mailroom but got a picture of Linda in a bluf.

Valerie and Linda are busy at work.

Ed Brown is in the Zuni room unpacking the goodies that Diane Gaines has purchased for sale in the Pro Shop.  Everyone is gearing up for YOUR return!

Stop back later today for more.
****************** is now 10:05 pm after a very fun-filled afternoon and evening.  Before we start another new day tomorrow, I want to get some of this posted.

Don and I went out in the field with Jim Dawson and really got a great scoop on the progress.  The softball field will be coming to life very soon.  The big machines are at work digging up about 4-6 inches of the ground all throughout the field so they can add the nice clay dirt that is needed to create the field.  Then will come the seeding.

The sprinkler system is all in place.  You can't see it from our photos but all the flags mark sprinkler heads.

Here's the plowed area where the outfield fence will go.

We're standing right behind home plate.

We'll have a portable food stand for this year until a complete building can be constructed.  Linda Balzan is definitely planning some special treats for us.

Ball players should not despair.  I've seen how fast the golf course grass grows once it is reseeded so we should have a field ready for you for the season.  "Build it and they will come." (quote from the Field of Dreams.  I love Kevin Costner!)

You saw the pictures from this morning with progress in the main swimming pool.  This same afternoon they started refilling with water!!  They have to use small hoses so they don't generate a strong stream.  It will take a couple days to fill.
There is the new handicap access chair installed and ready.  The government says the ramp isn't enough.

Look at the pretty ceramic lap lanes.  Keep the lap lanes open for those who like to truly swim instead of just bob around on a noodle.

And look there.....the volleyball net is up and ready.

New handicap access for the hot tub as well.

After watching all this today...........I had to hurry off to play cards with the gang in the SanTan Room and then we all went to the big Happy Hour at 4:00 to celebrate the end of the summer season.  A Budweiser representative was gracious enough to provide our real entertainment.  He brought LOTS and LOTS of goodies for us to sample for FREE.  We had a potluck happy hour where everyone brought delicious snacks and the park provided a bunch of different kinds of non-alcoholic drinks.  The fun stuff came from the Bud man and his assistant.  It was like we participated in a taste testing experiment.

There were about 70 devoted attendees.

Roger Balzan and Jim Gaines were very interested.

Once we filled up on all this fun food, our kind hostesses (Diane, Ann, and Lynda) walked around and served us samples of the beverages.  We filled out an evaluation form for each one.

Of course there were different kinds of wine to sample as well.  Good thing we were only driving golf carts on the way home.  There was also a contest to see who could name the specialty of the event as it was a mixture of surprises.  You'll hear more about it when you get here.  I'm tired and want to head off to bed now.  It was a LONG busy day of FUN.

Don will have his videos done for tomorrow as well.

Good night, People.

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