Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hallelujah!!!  I finally solved my uploading problem and can rapidly upload photos once again.  I was one unhappy camper there for a few days as it took FOREVER to do a blog entry.  I was ready to scream!  Now I'm dancing a jig of glee.

I went down the street to the clubhouse to play cards Friday afternoon and saw this gusher greeting me.  What is that?

Oh...I know what it is.  They're draining the pool and getting it ready for a whole month of maintenance work.  The whole area is fenced off as they have much work to do in the coming weeks.  I'll let you know the full plan once I talk to Jim about it.

Bill and Don, Larry and Bob spend their afternoons at the pool tables.  We each have our happy way of spending a hot afternoon in the cool air conditioning as I'm across the way with friends in the card room.

Now that I'm happy again, I can blog away in bliss instead of FRUSTRATION!  We all owe a big thank you to Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour as she helped me solve the upload problem.

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