Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Compost Video

Don did some great work on editing some video for you.  Check these out:

This one will be of particular interest to the softball players.  Jim explains how our recycling "greens" is about to pay off in a big way.  In addition to thousands of saved dollars from going to the landfill, we now reap benefits from the new RICH soil we create.  Perfect for growing a new softball field!!!

Recycling our green refuse pays off!

Here is the "green" waste that comes from our resort.  Palm branches, bushes, flowers, brush trim.

After it goes through the monster chipper machine, it looks like this.

Over time, nutrient rich nitrogen grass is added as we mow the golf course.

These piles get turned periodically with a tractor, tested for temperature settings, and the right amount of water is added.

After two years of culturing, it is ready for sifting to get out the clumps.

Here is the final product.  Very rich soil perfect for planting.  The whole process saves our resort thousands of dollars.  This is the soil we will be using to seed the golf course as in the future we will no longer need to buy the truckloads of steer manure.  This soil actually smells good!  Congratulations to our management for giving back to the environment.

Here's another short video on resurfacing the main pool.

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