Friday, September 21, 2012


I love these nice cool mornings in the 70s so we can enjoy that cup of coffee on the patio before we start our chores.

Dusty reseeding continues on the back 9 of the golf course.  


There sure are a lot of palm trees to trim every year.

It looks like our landscape crew helps out by blowing off the debris along the golf course homes.

Even though it's Friday on a four-day work week, there are some concrete workers out at the pickleball courts working on the walk ways.

WOW!  The pool filled a lot faster than we expected.  Looks great.  We'll put the filters to work now to remove the grit from replastering.

I'm not supposed to advertise for vendors on the blog, but am going to sneak in some kind words for Cooper Painting anyway.  We are so impressed with the work they did for us last year.  They painted the entire inside and outside of our home and did a fantastic job.  Fast! Clean! Efficient!

Especially if you happen to get assigned to the husband wife team of Kim and Pat.  Friendly dedicated employees who take very special pride in their work.

We found them painting a home on Oleander Drive this morning so stopped to say hello and wish them well.  


Owned by Paul Cooper, a local merchant and a great family.
Pat sprayed some water in the air for a special photo opportunity.

Need some painting done?  Call Cooper Painting.

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