Thursday, September 06, 2012


Congratulations to the new homeowner at 1318....whoever that may be as we saw them digging for a new house on that corner lot this morning.

We met up with Fernando and he explained that all these new trees will soon be planted in the median out on Cottonwood as the city has asked Palm Creek to build the road out there while we construct our new wall and fence.

The contractor doing the wall on Cottonwood hasn't made much progress lately that we can see.

Say hello to Fred and Popcorn.  We spotted them on the green this morning as they took advantage of the cooler morning hours.  (*Note:  Weather permitting, the back nine and Pro Shop will open October 22.)

As we proceeded on our journey, we saw the water truck headed our way and immediately decided to take a detour to get out of his way.  We didn't need a shower that early in the day.

Fernando and crew are cleaning up the entrance way.  Here are some fun photos to show Fernando at work while Faustino gets to sit on the tractor.  

I'm guessing Fernando lost a bet!  

We stopped to take a quick look at pool progress.  They certainly did a job on breaking out the tile yesterday.  It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Half of the sunken pickleball courts were poured last night and the other half is prepped.  

Here's a quick video from Don as he went in for a closer look:

I keep receiving questions about Erica Lesus and her new role so I'll copy what appeared in the latest newsletter from Wendell:

"I'd like to introduce a new addition to our Palm Creek management team, Erica Lesus.  Erica is the Director of Guest Services and will report directly to me (and, no, I do not have any immediate plans to leave Palm Creek).  In her capacity as Director of Guest Services, she will oversee the Guest Services Office, Activities, Mail Room, Special Events, and Pro Shop areas.  When you can, stop by to welcome Erica to Palm Creek!  Read more about Erica in our upcoming November newsletter."

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