Friday, September 28, 2012


We found this avid group of "pitchers" over by the horseshoe pits this morning as they labored hard to get the area ready for another season of fun.  I don't think they're having much fun right now though as it looks like hard work for the back and knees.  Must move the sand away from the wooden board so it can be painted to preserve the wood.  I joined this group for a while last season and really enjoyed their camaraderie.  They're a fun friendly group so feel free to join them.  You can always borrow some shoes to get you started.

Look at the shiney shuffleboard courts.  Wow....they just glisten in the sunshine.  There was a crew working on this half of the courts for three or more days.  now they have to start the back courts.  

New street lights are installed in the median on Cottonwood and sidewalk construction continues.

Our landscape crews are busy over on the golf course with the reseeding project.  All this fertilizer gets spread manually with a good old fashioned shovel.  The guys are all in good spirits, however, as they always wave a friendly cheerful hello.

What is this weird looking machine??  I don't know its official name, but it extrudes a strip of concrete for the curbing for the new streets.

See Don's video to watch the process.  

Over at the pickleball courts, work continues on constructing the fencing.  Every post is measured and level.

The top cap and the base pieces get added.

And voilĂ .....a fence is built.  This fencing has a nice black coating on it which should inhibit rusting.

Wall construction continues.

Looks like they're almost finished with the walkways between courts.  There is a complete drainage system under ground for those occasional times we get precious rain.

I leave you with this special photo for the day.  Nice license plate.

Have a GREAT day!

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