Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Did you miss me for a few days??  I was down with an allergic reaction to a new medication.  Suffice it to say that it was NOT a pleasant experience.  But I'm back and feeling great.

Our weather is finally calming down from the intense high heat.  We've even been able to open the windows around 10:00 pm when the temp drops below 80.  Our mornings are simply wonderful and we can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on the patio.  

We started our rounds this morning and had to stop to say Howdy to Wes Mitchell and Bob Herinck.  They both seemed in good spirits this morning and joked about my trusty camera always on the look out for a quick photo.


Wow.  Check this out at the main pool.  The American's with Disabilities Act (aka ADA) says that everything must be handicapped accessible.  To be in compliance, they had to add lifts into the main pool and the hot tub.  Quite an expense!

We said a friendly good morning to Jesse who is getting a long reprieve from having to clean the pool each morning.

Work progresses out on Cottonwood.

We usually stop at Site 28 to get a good look at the pickleball progress.  I sent this photo to Bill Murr on August 28 when I first spotted this mud dauber's nest on his patio.

Looks like the babies have hatched and left the nest.  Pretty cool.


Today they're pouring concrete for the walkways between the courts.

Don went out for a closer view.
I think he'll have a short video later this morning.
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