Saturday, September 08, 2012


Thank you to Avis Gray for sending this photo of our last dust storm.  This one hit us last Sunday.  Because Avis went on a mini vacation to Las Vegas for a few days, she was a little slow in getting this to me.  

 Another precious owl picture.  It's always a delight to see this guy on our morning rounds.  Must have had a rough night as he definitely has a feather out of place.  

It's Saturday, but Fernando is busy at work leveling the areas between the pickleball courts.  That's Jim Dawson by the white truck in the background.  He never seems to take a day off either with all the action going on here.  If we don't see him on rounds in the early morning it's because he was here all night while they poured concrete.   

Don hiked out there to take that picture for me as I'm still nursing a bum leg but I'm waving hello anyway.

All the courts are poured now. 

We were wondering how they would put the post tension on the sunken courts.'s the answer.  They left a gap by the back wall so they can get that machine in there. 

There are a lot of posts out there.

Each one has a hole and will be filled manually with concrete once the posts are leveled.  Definitely not a small task. 

Just FYI--On 9/10 the back nine closes for overseeding and is scheduled to reopen on Monday 10/22.  On 10/1 the front 9 is closing for overseeding and is scheduled to reopen Monday 11/12.

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