Friday, September 14, 2012


Whoops....I'm a little late in posting today as I was a busy bee all day.  I just got home from playing bingo at the American Legion 8:30 pm (no...I didn't win anything tonight).  So here's my daily report for Friday.

There were quite a few "picklers" on the courts this morning.

The parking lot was pretty full as we have visitors from the other parks during the summer.  They take turns playing on each other's courts which gives them enough players for a good round robin.  Fridays is play day here at Palm Creek. 

As we went out on our rounds, Joanne Strauchon (site 1909) alerted us that there was a beautiful great blue heron perched on the fence out on the course.  Of course, we had to see how close we could get for a photo.

He was a little camera shy but it was awesome to see him spread those giant wings and take flight.

You'll notice that the course looks a little different these days instead of its lush green scene.  It is time for the  dusty job of reseeding once again.  All Arizona golf courses go through this procedure.

If you're living on or near the course, it certainly doesn't pay to get the house washed yet.  .

The air is nice and clear over by the west wall though.  We came across Sam Cox as he was out gardening in his yard.  Hi Sam!

Whoops.........I don't think we'll drive down this street today as the tar looks a little fresh.  In fact, we had to move and get out of the way as they spray the blacktop sealing stuff.

It will look really nice when its done.

Work continues out on Cottonwood.

We can start to see the beginnings of where the new road will be.

Electric and communication lines run through these gray pipes.  I have never stopped to think about how many different kinds of pipes and lines were underground.  Before we dig a hole somewhere, it's a good idea to know for sure that its safe to dig....and how deep.

Work progresses over at the new pickleball courts.  All those black poles are fences or light poles.  Dig the holes, level the posts, and then pour concrete around each one.

Here's Don watching from the patio at Site 28.  The wall is almost complete.  There will be a row of shrubs between the wall and the water channel so it should look nice when its all done.  

We're not the only ones who like to watch.  Hi Earl.

Have you looked at the Palm Creek Facebook page recently?  Diane Gaines will be holding classes this winter to help people set up a Facebook account.  Even if you're not a fan of Facebook, you'll want to log onto the Palm Creek page to read all the updates and announcements.  The whole staff is learning how to use it and will be able to keep us informed of happenings in their departments.

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