Monday, October 01, 2012


Whoa.....I guess Mr. Owl doesn't like Mondays or he had a rough weekend.  He looks a bit grouchy this morning.  Grrrrr.....


The back nine appears to be seeded and bursting into new growth.  According to the recent issue of the Happenings newsletter, League play starts November 7.

While driving down Oasis, I made Don stop for a quick blog photo.  Isn't this guy cute?  Thank you to Larry and Marilyn Goeken for giving us a big smile today.

Site 1883 always looks nice.  Cute display with the wine bottle and glasses.

The construction site is busy this morning.  You can see where some of the curbs have been poured in preparation for the streets.

Cement trucks continually fill the curb machine as it putters along and extrudes this line of concrete.

The ballfield looks about ready.  All filled in with the special soil & sprinkler system in place.  

Fence work continues at the pickleball courts.

Hmmm....what's this??  Steffey Excavating is looking for a pipe.  Must be down there somewhere.

That soil is rock hard.  Where's the jackhammer??

Work continues at the main pool with a slight delay.  The kool deck is taking a tad longer than expected so opening date is moved to October 3rd or 4th.  The north pool is open though so don't dismay.

Now that the weather has cooled down, the puppy park is a popular gathering spot around 4:00 every day.

Who travels the furthest to reach Palm Creek??  I'm guessing our new resident, Rich Cunrod from Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands could be a leader in that competition.  I met Rich through my blog when he was hunting for a park model investment and we became penpals.  Rich dabbles in pottery so made me an awesome pie plate with my burrowing owl painted on it.  Thank you, Rich!!

Don and I stopped at Chick-Fil-A on Saturday to enjoy one of their yummy chicken salads.  They were having another one of their big events.  This one was called "Touch a Truck".  There were vehicles present from the fire department, police, border patrol, SWAT unit, and K-9 unit.  We had a nice time chatting with our service people and got a chance to thank them for the courageous work they do.

I saw this plate in one of the homes we watch.  I need one of these for MY kitchen.

Color copies are EXPENSIVE as you can attest when you buy ink or toner for printing.  Help us save big dollars by logging on to Palm Creek's website for your monthly newsletter.  You only need it long enough to write the dates on your calendar anyway.

Click on "MY COMMUNITY" 
Then click on "newsletter"
You can even read back issues from there.  Thank you to Diane Gaines for all her marketing skills and creating a very professional newsletter!

Here's a direct link:  Palm Creek Newsletters

Okay...........that's my blog entry for the day.  Now I can go play. 
 I leave you with this parting thought:

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