Thursday, October 04, 2012


Okay....we're back in the routine again.  We actually took yesterday off so we could go to Fry's for our monthly grocery shopping expedition.  The first Wednesday of the month is Senior discount day when you get 10% off your entire grocery bill so we stock up and fill our cart heaping full.  I go with a handful of those darn nuisance coupons too to save a couple extra bucks.  The store is really busy on that Wednesday so we wanted to go early and beat the crowd.  It's a good deal and every dollar saved helps our fun fund.  I think every politician should be required to feed their family for a month on only a social security check.

Construction continues on Cottonwood.  It looks like they're preparing for that new lane.

Curb work continues in the new area.  Once the streets themselves get poured we'll really see a difference.  Those nasty dark spots you see on these photos are dirt that has gotten inside my camera from taking pictures of our dust storm.  This is the second camera I've ruined like that already.  

The ballfield appears to be planted.  I'm anxious to get a picture when the sprinklers are turned on.

Fence installation continues.

The ballfield appears to be planted.  I want to get some good photos once the sprinklers are turned on so you can really see the green stuff growing.

Awww....look at the cute tire covers we came across this morning.

Still working on the main pool.  The young man in the pool is one of the pool employees.  He is checking the entire pool for any problems.  That's what I call a close inspection.  He says the water is pretty cold yet.  Brrr.

Still working on the new deck coating.

It is a beautiful morning and it's nice to see folks returning to enjoy the weather.  We found Laurie and Don Dale out on their patio.  Laurie is quite a card shark at the poker tables so she and my Don had to joke about the game last night.

Tom and Kathy Manata were out too.  We stopped for a chat with them and hear about their many RV travels this summer.  They really put on some miles and see the sights.

Speaking of poker players, here are Nancy Flader and Diane Reese.

Diane was a loser last night so she proudly (or not so proudly) displays her loser sign.

The poker players always seem to have a lot of fun at their games.  Great camaraderie and lots of laughs.  I'm thinking "MAYBE" I'll take some lessons when they start and perhaps join in on a Texas Hold'em tournament.  I don't know though as I certainly don't have a poker face.  When I have a good hand, my smile breaks out.  Maybe I'd better stick to my bridge games.

I'm starting to work on the lesson plans for the computer classes I'll be teaching again this year.  I love to get folks excited about computers and the fun world that awaits them.  Watch the "Computer Classes" tab at the top of this blog for updates.  There is also a clipboard in the Activities Office called "computer classes". Very original name, huh.

Have a GREAT day!

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