Friday, October 05, 2012


Just  came back from a tour with Jim and learned a lot about the big piles of red 'dirt' piled up by the softball field.  This is the infield mix that will cover the ball diamond.  Very very expensive stuff!  

Jim says this mix will make the ball players very happy.

What makes it so special??  All soils consist of sand, silt and clay.  Infield mix is the combination of these components plus conditioners or additives (polymers).  A good infield mix provides a safe infield by compacting to a firm, smooth surface that plays true and minimizes bad hops.  The firm traction allows quick starts and stops and helps prevent injuries.  The infield mix helps to drain water off the field so it doesn't become muddy.  (I didn't know how to put all that into my own words so I researched and copied it from the internet.)  

The curb machine is still inching its way around the area in preparation for the asphalt streets.  This man is spraying the newly poured curb with a mix to prevent it from drying out too fast before it sets properly.

Since the curb machine can't go around tight corners, they have to build forms and pour the corner sections manually.

Soon we'll be looking down a paved road in front of those spec homes.

Tony is working on the new sprinkler controls for the ballfield.

Here they're laying the rebar and slope getting ready to put in a ramp leading down to the sunken courts.

They'll put concrete blocks on these levels and then pour the concrete over the top to make a smooth surface.  

Work continues on Cottonwood.  This grader is leveling off so the new lane can be added.  That line of string on the small posts is so the curb machine can install the curb at the right level.  Because there is a straight drop from the sidewalk to the water channel, a railing will be installed all the way to the end of the property.

The next step is to "spray" concrete up against that sloped wall.  First they lay this wire support structure so the concrete will hold.  I understand that the "spraying" will be similar to how they put in the floor of the swimming pool.

Once again I say "Thank You" to Jim for an informative tour.  Please take time to thank him for these tours.  It takes time out of his VERY busy day to take me out there and explain the latest happenings so I can relay it to you readers.

Have a GREAT day!

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