Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Night

I have some miscellaneous news and photos I can post tonight.  Don is up at the Omaha poker tournament so the house is nice and quiet.  I have my Internet Explorer set up to keep me posted on the status of the Green Bay Packer game so I'm a happy camper here at my computer.  Current score in the third quarter is 21-10 in case you're interested.  Go Packers!

Sandy Morin has been a busy lady with her feral cat program here in the park.  The furry little critters have found a home in her heart so she set up a program through the local Casa Grande Valley Humane Society (VHS).  VHS is a "no kill" shelter that takes in socialized animals that they feel can be adopted so it is very important to catch the kittens so they can be socialized and adopted out.  Mama and Daddy cats are caught,  spayed or neutered, given current shots, get their ears tipped for identification, and then returned to the park to help keep down the dove and rabbit populations but no longer increasing the cat populous.

Sandy Morin aka "The Cat Lady"
If you see a stray feral cat in your neighborhood here, call Sandy at 7295 or email her at  Our animal loving residents are generous to Sandy's campaign to save the animals by donating dollars to the fund.  This pays for the operations, food, cages, and (of course) kitty litter.  There will be a table at the monthly craft fairs starting in November and Sandy would appreciate some assistance on staffing the table.  There is also a need for spotters and trap watchers.

These are some of Sandy's rescues.  Somewhere there is a loving home for them.

To date Sandy has processed 2 cats and 7 kittens through the VHS to be spayed and neutered.  She currently has 2 more kittens that will go to VHS as soon as they are socialized and ready for adoption.  Want to help in some way?  Call Sandy at 7295.

I spotted this lovely creature in the Activities Office:  Say Hello to "Jimmy Reaper".  

He even has his own Palm Creek name tag!

Activities is obviously getting ready to celebrate Halloween.  

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Halloween dance on Wednesday, October 31.  Costumes are optional but always a lot of fun.  Ticket sellers are waiting for you -- right, Angela?

Or....Sherin Kidd or Connie Morin

The poker players like their nice felt covered table tops.  They even ganged together to replace those that were worn out or torn after many fun hours of use.  Thank you, "gang" for helping to keep our park and equipment in top condition.  Tom & Julie Langwell, Sue Logeman, Doug Conkle, Suzette Taylor, Avis Gray.

Of course, being the jokers they are, they wanted their best side shown in their photo.

Fall is definitely in the air.  Yesterday was the first day we went 24 hours without the air conditioner.
It was back on again today at 94 degrees but it cools down beautifully at night.  Yahoo!!


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