Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Awwww......he was all crouched down in the corner this morning.  He's cute even if he doesn't know how to smile.

The work on Cottonwood is moving right along.  They're spraying the concrete up against the slope this morning.  It was fascinating to watch!  Don has some video that we'll get posted for you....probably tomorrow since he has to run off to shoot pool for a couple hours this afternoon.  It's a matter of priorities ya know.

The young good-looking hunk man is the lead person for the whole project.  Say hi to Ryan.

The back nine of the golf course is coming in nicely.  It is always such a pretty velvet green as it emerges.

Here is where Cole Circle now ends before going across the water channel to the new construction area.  Soon there will be a bridge here for us to drive across.

Sidewalks are being poured.

Oh...look....the ballfield is turning green already.  
Ernesto is installing the ramp that leads down to the sunken courts. 

We couldn't figure out why they were cutting a line down the middle of that brand new concrete walkway until Jim explained that if the concrete should crack or fracture, it will do it at the seam area so it can be more easily repaired.  Never knew that before.

 All this rubber tubing gets split and then laid over the top edge of the fences so it is more comfortable and safer to rest our elbows as we watch the games.

Here we get a better look at the new infield mix as it is all spread out.

Marilyn Roemer knows how much I like the owls around here so she wanted to make sure I saw her new flag.  Thanks, Marilyn!

And here is a cheery hello to some of the gals at the front desk as they're waiting to check you in upon your arrival.

Have a GREAT day!
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