Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday - Paving Begins!

Happy Halloween!

It is always exciting to watch the flowers being planted.  It is like planting the seeds for another fun filled adventure at winter camp for us seniors.  A fresh beginning of another season.


Our landscape crew never rests.  Now they have a new ballfield to help maintain.  Here is a worker edging the new grass so it looks even prettier.

More excitement!  Paving begins this morning.

The hot asphalt arrives by the truck load and is spread and compressed.

Rolled and compacted.  

Electrical boxes for the whole complex are being installed.

Here's Ryan again......chief cook and bottle washer for this whole project!  He's pretty camera shy but I'm persistent.  

Ryan says his wife saw my comment about a good looking young hunk and now gives him a hard time about it.  Glad to hear it!  She should be very proud of her catch as he has done a fantastic job on this massive project.

Watch Don's video showing how the paving is done.  His video editing skills are becoming quite polished.



Speaking of good looking young men...........say hello to Ashton!  I was elated to have the chance to tell him how much we appreciated his investment in our "home".

Finishing the wall construction over by the dumpster area.

This is the first time I got to watch them SAW the bricks to make exact fit.

And then there is my daily FUN photo or cartoon.  As we drove down Oasis, we saw Manson working on his fancy golf cart.  It must be annoying to be one of my friends because you never know when I'll show up with camera in hand.  Smile Manson.

 Have a Spooky Fun Day!

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