Friday, October 12, 2012


Yes.  I took the day off yesterday so stop complaining.  Actually it is quite complimentary to hear the complaints and know that so many readers are visiting daily.  Thank you.  Besides that, the owl wasn't on his usual perch when we drove by yesterday.

This area was very interesting to watch as we could get nice and close without violating the "do not enter" area.  This is where Cole Circle now ends (between sites 19 and 20).  They're repairing the water channel after having to break through to put in underground lines.  Soon a big two piece bridge will be installed but today we got to watch them pour the cement.

A quiet moment waiting for the cement truck.

All finished.  Nice work, fellas.


The ballfield is doing great.  They used 1350 pounds of grass seed.  Fernando figures they need about a 100 pounds just for the doves that flock down for the feast.


The overnight pull throughs were really busy this morning.  RVers are on the road again heading for their destinations.

Speaking of getting ready for the season, many residents wisely hire housekeeping services to have their park model spotlessly clean when they arrive.  We caught Avis and Suzette busy with dust mops and cleaning tools in one of the homes we watch.  We have a number of residents who like to clean and keep busy so email me for phone numbers if you're looking for help.

Pretty green back 9 is doing well.  

And I saved the best for last.  
Keep those emails coming.  I like hearing from you and it keeps me motivated to post daily.

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