Monday, October 22, 2012


We're really seeing the progress out on Cottonwood now as the first layer of asphalt has been laid on the new lane.


The ballfield has received its first haircut!

Fence posts are being straightened and set in concrete.

Say Howdy to Dave.  He's the one-man band that is surfacing our pickleball courts.  We found him mixing up another batch of the green coating that goes on top of the black coating.  He even dipped in his hand for a good friendly photo.

Time to stir up the mixture.

It's really starting to look like courts!

This shows the first black coat and then the next green layer.

Don and I have special permission from Jim Dawson to enter the pickleball area for photos but please do not enter the area for safety reasons.  The company's insurance is very strict about who is allowed access to the area.  

Don says this is a picture of him "practicing" so he's ready to watch the first games.

As we were getting ready to leave the area, we saw this fleet of double dump trucks entering.  Whoa.  We immediately turned around to watch the action.

These trucks never even slowed down.  They entered the area following each other in single file and dumped their loads as they passed through.  Then they exited by the back gate heading to their home station to reload for more.  

They dump their load out of the bottom as they drive along.  No need to stop.  This stuff is called AB (I think) and will be spread out on the street and then compacted down.  Next stage will be the asphalt.

We noticed that the storage area way at the north end of the property is starting to fill up as residents return.

We spied this new recycling bin over by the trash dumpsters.  Looks like we can start separating the plastic again.  Save our landfills!  Please recycle!

I was surprised to see that they do not want plastic bags.  I wonder why.  Maybe one of our Urban Miners can research and explain why.  (Kent and Steve.....we're waiting for the answer.)

And I always like to close each post with a cartoon. 
 Need I say more?? 

(I won't say this guy's name but it rhymes with Dave Hardy.)


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